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LED Snap Frame / LED Light Box

We manufacture LED Snap Frames and LED Light Boxes. Our light boxes are bright, long lasting, energy saving and CSA (US, CA) certified.




Available Types: Single-Sided, Double-Sided
Available Profiles: Standard, Slim (Only Single Sided)
Stock Colors: Silver, Black, White
Custom Colors: Available
Certification: CSA Approved


Our LED Snap Frames (aka LED Light Boxes) are built using our state of art LED Panel technology.  The LED Panels create a thin, bright and even light source for the LED Snap frames.  LED lights are mounted around a crystal clear acrylic sheet.  A special pattern is etched (laser or V-cut) on surface the acrylic sheet to defuse the light from the LEDs on the sides of the sheet so that an even and bright light is emitted from the surface of the acrylic sheet.   The LED panel illuminates the translucent graphics placed on the acrylic sheet.  Our LED panel technology creates a bright and even light with no hot/cold spots.  The diffusion pattern technology creates even and bright light even for large size panels and snap frames.  Our LED panels are as bright as 3000 lumens, and supplied with the color temperature of the customer’s choice. LED Snap Frame Dimensions


View Dimensions: According to your requirements.
Frame Material: Anodized Aluminum
Light Source: LED
Power Supply: AC 110V-240V,Output DC 12V Plugin Power Supply, Class 2, UL Certified – Included (Hard-wire Power Supply is optional)
Certification: CSA (C, US)
Warranty: 3 Years (Labor and Parts)
Rated LED Lifetime: Up to 50,000 hours
Sizes: Custom sizes up to 4′ x 8′
Style: Available in Single Sided and Double Sided
Profile: Available in Standard and Slim Profiles
Color Temperature: Available in various color temperatures
Brightness/Lumen: 3000 LUX or more brightness Comes with clear, non-glare cover
Graphics: Graphic printing is provided
Frame Color: Silver, Black. Custom colors available

We can produce Snap Frame custom products up to 8’x4′, and Fabric Frameless Displays in virtually any size