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Prime LED Lighting is a Canadian leading manufacturer of LED Snap Frames, LED Light Boxes, Fabric Light Boxes, LED Light Panels, LED Crystal Displays, and LED Edge-lit signs used in advertising and retail stores.

LED Crystal Displays:

We manufacture LED Crystal Displays in both single and double sided models. Read more / Buy …

LED Snap Frames / LED Lightboxes:

We are a leading manufacturer of LED Snap Frames and lightboxes.  Our LED Snap Frames are slim, bright and have an even distribution of light. Read more / Buy …

LED Fabric Lightboxes / LED Textile Lightboxes:

We produce LED Frameless Fabric Displays, both side-lit and back-lit. Read more / Buy …

LED Light Panels:

We produce LED Light Panels, used in architectural, retail, … Read more / Buy …

LED Edge-lit Sings:

 We can custom make any LED edge-lit sign according to your specification. Read more …

Custom sizes: 

All our products are available both in standard sizes and custom sizes according to your specification. Read more …

CSA Certification:

All our LED displays (LED Snap Frames, LED Crystal Displays, LED Frameless Display, Edge-lit signs and Brite-sheet) bear CSA (Canadian Standard Association) and are tested to Canadian and American safety standards. Read more …


We use 3D mechanically etched LGP (Light Guide Panel) in production of all LED display products. Read more …

Made in Canada:

We manufacture our LED display products in Ontario, Canada. Because of NAFTA agreement between the U.S. and Canada, there is no customs or duties applicable for our products shipped to the U.S. Read more …


Contact us to place your order for custom size and standard products. We strive in carrying high quality products, having them in stock, and shipping them in a very short time. Read more …


We ship our products to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Because of NAFTA agreement between the U.S. and Canada, there is no customs or duties applicable for our products shipped to the U.S. Read more …

Our LED Snap Frames (aka LED Light Boxes) are built using our state of art LED Panel technology.  The LED Panels create a thin, bright and even light source for the LED Snap frames.  LED lights are mounted around a crystal clear acrylic sheet.  A special pattern has been etched on surface the acrylic sheet to defuse the light from the LEDs on the sides of the sheet so that an even and bright light is emitted from the surface of the acrylic sheet.   The LED panel illuminates the translucent graphics placed on the acrylic sheet.  Our LED panel technology creates a bright and even light with no hot/cold spots.  The diffusion pattern technology creates even and bright light even for large size panels and snap frames.  Our LED panels are as bright as 3000 lumens, and supplied with the color temperature of the customer’s choice.

The LED panel technology allows us to produce very thin LED Snap Frames.   LED lights are many times more efficient than the traditional lights and have a much longer life.  The rated life span of the LED lights used for our LED Snap Frames is 50,000 hours, that translates to more than 8 years if used 16 hours per day.  The long life span of our LED Light Boxes saves you a lot of money in maintenance cost, and means a very low cost of ownership the LED Light Box per year.

Our LED Lightboxes are thin and have very even bright lighting and are great to be used in retail stores, restaurants, food courts, ….   Changing of graphics is a snap.  There is no need to remove the LED lightbox off the wall or even use a screw driver.  You just snap open the frame, change the graphics and snap close.  It is very convenient and fast.  Changing graphics can be done by any of your staff and you do not require specially trained personnel.

Our LED Snap Frames and Lightboxes can be easily installed by screwing through the pre-drilled holes inside the frame (the holes are not visible when the frame is snapped closed).

Our LED Snap Frames, LED Lightboxes and LED Panel lights are CSA (US, CA) approved and can be used at any location where such safety codes are required.

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