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LED Light Box

We produce a variety of LED Light boxes  such as LED Snap Frames, LED Fabric Light boxes.  A LED Light box provides a modern, efficient and cost effective solution for your advertising and display needs.  Our LED Light boxes are built using our state of art LED Panel (Edge-lit) and LED Back-lit technology.

LED Snap Frames LED Fabric Lightbox
LED Light Box LED Fabric Light Box

LED Light Boxes are used in retail and commercial settings to promote products and services.  These beautiful back-lit light boxes are thin, bright and very energy efficient.  LED Light Boxes are used to display ads, posters, menus, …

A LED Snap Frame or LED Light Box is a back-lit light box lighted by a thin light source made of acrylic. LED light strips are mounted around the acrylic.  LED Light Box is a very thin and bright solution with easy to change graphics.  We supply LED light boxes in single sided or double sided versions.  Single sided LED Light Boxes are usually mounted on a wall or any other surface.  The double sided LED Light Boxes are usually hanged from the ceiling and both sides are viewable.  They can be used at the window or in the middle of your space.  Our single sided LED Light Boxes come in 2 different frames types.

LED Light Boxes (snap frames) can be made as large as 4’x8′.

A LED Fabric Light Box or LED Frameless Fabric Light Box is beautiful and modern looking light box.  The se light boxes are “frame-less”.  There is no visual frame looking from front.  This provides a clean rectangular display.  The graphic is printed on special fabric that easily can be placed on the light box.  We supply LED Fabric light boxes in single sided or double sided versions.  Single sided  LED Fabric Light Boxes are usually mounted on a wall or any other surface.  Smaller double sided LED Fabric Light Boxes could be hanged from the ceiling.  All double sided LED Fabric Light Boxes could be placed free standing on the floor where both sides are viewable.

LED Fabric Light Boxes can be made as side-lit or back-lit.  The side-lit light boxes are lit by an array of LEDs mounted on the frame.  This type of lighting is more common for smaller fabric light boxes and provide a more economical option.  The back-lit light boxes are lit by a ladder or matrix of LEDs mounted behind the fabric.  This lighting option is used when a very bright light box is required or for larger light boxes.

LED Fabric Light Boxes can be virtually made as large as required.